The Sea Beans

Grab a non-stick frying pan, we’re going to use that for most of the recipe.

Add in some oil, or lard, and get it heated up over medium to medium high heat.

Once it’s warmed, throw in the sea beans. If you’re cooking a lot of them, you may need to either cook in shifts or wait for some of the beans to cook down a smidge to let you add more into the pan. You aren’t looking to cook these to soft, you want them to remain crisp. Al dente even. They shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes in the pan. Oh, and I’ll put this in bold: don’t add salt. Trust me, these babies have a great salty quality to them just as they are. They don’t need help. Try one, even raw, and you’ll see what I mean.

After the five minutes in a pan, put them in a bowl for safe keeping. They don’t need to be served warm, they were just as tasty cool, but if you want them warm, a stoneware, ovensafe bowl and an oven on a low temperature should keep them while you cook the scallops.

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